Things have changed so much since Gaylon and I first looked for a home. Back in the old days, you had to pour over the classifieds in the local newspaper to find a place to live. Not today! Yesterday, Gaylon and I spent two hours on the phone while I looked up houses for sale on, and gave him the directions to get to each one. Then, he would drive by and tell me what he saw, while I looked at the “Birds Eye” view of where he was on Google Maps! (Yeah, you think the government can’t watch your every move. . .)

We found several that were pretty cool. When I go out next month, I will look at them with him, in a more traditional way, LOL!

And just a little sidenote: we noticed that the more expensive neighborhoods had very few trampolines, but the less expensive neighborhoods had them in seemingly every-other-yard. Swimming pools seemed to be about the same in both. What’s up with that???

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