Yes, in more ways than one, I am still here!  I still have a blog, even though I’ve not updated it in a couple of weeks.  Things have been really busy since we got back from Texas.  Alex started right back in with rehearsals for the play he is now performing in at the Flat Rock Playhouse, “Princess Reform School”.  He does a great job, even though he is only in one scene.  As the name implies, the play is mostly about princesses in need of reform, so there are only 4 males in the entire play.  They are sparse, indeed!  It is a cute play, though, with some very funny parts.  I will, however, be very grateful when it’s over next Sunday.  We can rest a bit then.

And, obviously, I am still here in North Carolina.  Our home still hasn’t sold, but that’s not a huge shock, considering most real estate is frozen here.  We have decided to drop our price, but I want to speak with our realtor first and determine if she is going to actually do some agressive marketing, or just update her website.  I would really, really, really love to be in Texas before school starts in the Fall.  It won’t affect Faith, because we will just continue homeschooling.  However, Alex wants to attend his senior year of high school at a public school, and it would be so much nicer if we were already there.  I’ve heard horror stories about putting homeschooled kids in high school.  I’ve heard that the school will require them to start at 9th grade, no matter what their level of education is, or how old they are.  If we run into something ridiculous like that, we will simply continue homeschooling.  End of story.

Gaylon is coming in for Easter, and will be here in time for all of the Holy Week Masses and services.  He will be here for four days, then back to Texas. *sigh*  I wish he could stay longer.  We knew this was going to be difficult, but knowing something and experiencing it are always very different.

Also, I am still here, even though I have seen the ark float by a few times in search of Mt. Ararat!  It has been grey and dreary and rainy for 4 days straight.  Yes, we need the rain.  Yes, it makes everything pretty and green.  And it grows the flowers.  I don’t know about the grass and flowers and trees, but personally, I am in desperate need of some sunlight!  So, I am looking forward to sunnier days, soon!

My only political thoughts at the moment are that I cannot believe that Fr. Jenkins up at Notre Dame is having Obama speak at their commencement exercises this year, and giving him an honorary law degree.  How can he justify honoring the most aggressive abortion rights activist ever at a CATHOLIC university???  At least his bishop is refusing to attend the ceremony.  Now if only everyone else would boycott, as well.

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