My dearest hope as a mother has always been that my children will be close to one another. That they will care about each other and that their relationships will grow closer and deeper each year for the rest of their lives, because I’ve never had close relationships with my brother or sister. In fact, for most of my life, I’ve had very little contact from either of them, and it has been one of the great sadnesses of my life.

So tonight, for me, was wonderful! Kendall and I decided to watch “Harper’s Island” on the internet, and I remembered that Alex had hooked one of his friends’ computers up to our big screen tv to play video games. So, I asked him if he could hook Kendall’s computer up for us. He disappeared for a few moments, then came back with a cord, crawled up behind the tv, and hooked it up. Then Kendall asked him if we could have the speakers from his computer, and he happily went and got those for us!

The two brothers spent several minutes hooking things up and making it all work, while I sat on the couch watching them, with my heart absolutely full! Wow. I am blessed, indeed!

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