So, on April 11th (Good Friday, to be more specific) David Jones, a pastor in San Diego, California, was told that he had to “Cease and Desist” holding a private Bible Study in his own home, because it was “illegal use of land” and he would have to get a “major use permit”.  Did I mention that this happened in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA????

According to San Diego’s News Channel 6:

On Good Friday, April 11, the family was surprised to find county officials at their door.

“She asked me if we sang songs, said Amen, praised the Lord or not. I don’t even think I answered because I was so taken aback” said Mary Jones.

Jones said the “insinuation” was questions over whether the services were “of religious nature.” She said there were no questions or comments about there being a parking problem.

The family was given a warning to “cease and desist” their “religious gathering” until they are granted a “major use permit”.

However, the “good news” is that the county has withdrawn it’s “warning” and offered an apology to Pastor Jones and his wife.

Let me get this straight:  it was okay for the county to try to stop a private Bible Study in a private Home?  I am willing to bet any amount of money that they would never confront a Muslim group like that!  The fact that an “official” had the audacity to even tell those people that they could not practice FREEDOM OF RELIGION in this country is downright chilling.  It shouldn’t matter what religion they adhere to, either.  That is, without question, one of the basic principles this country was founded upon. We had better sit up and take notice.  It will be our own doors that “officials” are knocking on next.

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