Once again, it is “Independence Day”, and our family will, like we have so many years before, drive down the road to celebrate our Freedom with our friends by eating lots of wonderful food and setting off a ton of fireworks.  But this year, for some reason, it seems more important, more meaningful, perhaps because our Freedom is more endangered now than ever before.

I have been reading headline news, and feel sick.  Honestly, I couldn’t care less if Sarah Palin just resigned as governor of Alaska.  And I think it’s stupid that Obama and McCain are still being compared to one another. (“Obama, McCain Invoke Nation’s Founders in Dueling Independence Day Speeches“).  I personally don’t care what either of them has to say, and am quite convinced that neither of them has any insight or understanding, whatsoever, about our “Founders”.  Well, I suppose that if McCain had been alive at the time he would have been at those secret meetings of the Sons of Liberty, but he would have been the one they would have been worried about blowing their cover, due to his fiery temper!

Our “Founders” were brave men, Patriots, one and all, who were not only willing to give their lives for FREEDOM, but DID give their lives! They did not sell us out to other countries.  They would have died before bowing down to a Muslim leader!!!!!!!  They fought hard, soaking our fields and filling our rivers with their blood, that we might have the freedom to sit here today and kill unborn babies, promote special interest groups above the greater good of the rest of the country, that we might give away our wealth to lazy, no-good losers who have no intention of ever getting a job or to illegal immigrants who would be more than happy to work, but no longer have to. Today, we are taking the coward’s way of closing our eyes, and hoping it will all be okay in the end.  Our “Founders” knew better!

Our “Founders” fought for freedom, for states’ rights, for God.  They believed in prayer, and lots of it.  Not prayer to Allah, either, or to the ‘goddess’.  But prayer to the Almighty God of the Bible.  They went to church, and they protected their families.  They had integrity and dignity.  They were men (and women!) of strong moral character.  Please do not talk to me about  un-American men like Obama on the day we celebrate the freedom that he is working so very hard to destroy.

Today I will remember our Founders, and I will remember that they died for our freedom.  And I will pray, very hard, for our country, and for everyone who thinks freedom means being able to do whatever they want with no accountability.  Freedom is anything but “Free”, and our Founders understood that very well.

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