texflagSo I was randomly surfing blogs, and found “Catholic Mothers Online”.  Well, I’m a Catholic Mom, and I am online, so I had to check it out.  One of the blog names really jumped out at me:  “7th Generation Texan“.  That really intrigued me, because I know that my family has been in Texas a lonnngggg time, and I am only a 5th Generation Texan!!  Oh, the indignation and agony!! 😉

I checked my genealogy records.  I rechecked.  No luck.  My earliest Texas ancestor was born in Texas in 1852. *sigh*  So Kendall, who is only 20, is a 6th Generation Texan, but still, no 7th Generation.  My hat is off to anyone who can claim Texas heritage back that far!

However, lest I be considered any less of a Real Texan, please do note that my GGG-Grandfather, Simon Peter Ford, fought at the Battle of San Jacinto, on April 21, 1836.  He was born in Tennessee, though, and not Texas.

Now, before anyone has me committed for freaking out over not having deep enough Texan Roots, I should tell you that one of my cousins, who lived in Atlanta for the births of his first 3 children, documented in his genealogical records that each one was “Born in Atlanta, Georgia, on Texas soil.”  Not sure how he pulled that one off, but I am sure he did!!

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