This is funny on so many levels!  My wonderful, amazing husband, the love of my life, is completely left-brained.  It reminded me of the time we bought a “fixer-upper” and decided to do some light renovations before we moved in.  By light renovations, I had new carpet and paint in mind.

One morning, Gaylon and I were standing in the kitchen, which was, without question, in dire need of repair, and I said (out loud, but mainly to myself) “I guess we are going to have to do the kitchen first.”  Then, I walked out the door and drove down the road to go have coffee with my friend, Lisa, while our kids played.  Three hours later, Gaylon called me and said “You wanted the kitchen gutted, right?”  Uhhhh. . . .think fast, what does he mean by ‘gutted’. . . “Ah, yeah, honey.  What do you mean?”

Well, to make a long story short, what he meant was that I could stand in the basement and look up, through where the floor and ceiling of the kitchen used to be, and see the roof!!  There was literally nothing left in the kitchen.  His ‘left-brain’ had kicked in.  This woman tells of a similar, but less expensive, left-brain experience. 😉

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