I love books, and often buy them used, to save money.  One of my favorite sources for used books is the Advanced Book Exchange, or, Abebooks.com.  They send me emails, from time to time, to get me to sign in and spend money.

So, this morning I got a really funny email from them, announcing their new “Weird Book Room”.  It features titles such as:

A New Book on Hanging, by Charles Duffpaint-it-black-voltaire

Outhouses by Famous Architects by Steve Schaecher

Doga: Yoga for Dogs by Jennifer Brilliant and William Berloni

The Platypus of Doom and Other Nihilists by Arthur Byron Cover

(and my personal favorite – )

Paint It Black: A Guide to Gothic Homemaking by Voltaire

Soooo. . . yeah.  Those really are “weird” titles.  And to think, I’ve been thinking all this time that if I wrote a book, it would probably never get published.  I’m feeling so much more hopeful now! 😉

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