Okay, I’ve spent way to much time on this blog lately posting political stuff.  It’s time to get down to brass tacks, and talk about something that is going to affect each and every one of us, or at least our descendants, at some point.

According to Yahoo!’s Weird Science, the Andromeda Galaxy is hungry, and is feeding on other galaxies, and we’re next!

The Andromeda galaxy, our nearest neighbor in space, turns out to have a nasty appetite. Using a telescope scan, astronomers have found evidence of Andromeda’s galactic meals. From the AP:

“What we’re seeing right now are the signs of cannibalism,” said study lead author Alan McConnachie of the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics in Victoria, British Columbia. “We’re finding things that have been destroyed … partly digested remains.”

Earth’s galaxy, the Milky Way, is next on Andromeda’s snack list. John Dubinksi, co-author of the project, says the two galaxies are headed toward each other at a rate of 75 miles per second. But not to worry: We won’t be dinner for another few billion years.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid!!

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