Like most moms, I think my kids are pretty amazing.  But I have to say that Alex and Faith are outdoing themselves, as I type.  I am upstairs, Photoshopping old family photographs and working on my new Genealogy Website.  Alex is downstairs, playing piano. I love listening to him play as I work on my computer, cook dinner, or whatever.  His songs are beautiful and haunting, and somehow, his music turns the mundane chores of my daily life into something holy and perfect.

But this afternoon is different.  It is better than I ever thought it could be.  Alex is giving Faith notes to play on her violin, while he plays piano, and she is sitting on the floor, beside the piano, eagerly gliding her bow across her strings, as he writes down the notes for her on a piece of paper he found.  I can hear them discussing their composition, talking about which notes are best, and how long to hold them. He is teaching her music theory as they work.  It is more precious than I can express.

Yes, there is a God, and He is amazing beyond my ability to describe.  Perhaps His perfection is best experienced in the song of my children.  Not only are my children playing a beautiful song together, they are putting my world in perfect harmony with each note they play.

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