I hate being sick!  I have dodged the flu for years now, but have not been so lucky this year.  I have the flu, and I hate it.  No, I don’t think it’s the “swine flu”, and even if it was, I wouldn’t care.  I am not really into all the propaganda.  The flu is the flu is the flu.  Who really cares what strain it is?  Just so long as it goes away, right?

Faith and Alex had it about ten days ago, now Mom and I have it.  Kendall hasn’t gotten it, which is amazing, because he definitely burns both ends of the candle and never gets enough rest.  He has been taking awesome care of all of us, though, tucking Faith in for me, bringing Sprite and stuff from the store on his way home, and even kept his phone on all night so I could call him if I needed anything last night.  I’m just down the hall, but with a 103 degree fever, a phone call is definitely easier!  Thankfully I didn’t need to call.

So, yeah.  I’m sick, and I’m sick of being sick.  Faith and I are supposed to go to Homeschool Day at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute over in Rosman on Thursday.  Gaylon is flying in on Friday.  Yeah. . . I have GOT to start feeling better!!

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