We have five cats who graciously allow us to live here with them.  There are a few rules by which we must live, to keep peace in their world.  These rules serve, for the most part, to keep us entertained.  For example, when we go to the refrigerator to get ice, we are required to share.  Bonnie, our Pekingese, comes running, along with Stella, Faith’s kitten, and Pippin, my cat.  They want ice, too.  Bonnie eats it.  Bonnie eats anything that won’t eat her first, actually.  Stella and Pippin like to chase the ice.

More often than not, I have cats trying to get into the shower with me, as well.  Piewacket, Anastasia, and Pippin have all gotten into the shower with me, and love to stand on the edge of my bathtub and stare at me in the shower.  Yeah, it’s a bit unnerving.

Pippin and Anastasia love to jump up on my desk and plant themselves firmly and directly between me and my computer keyboard.  So, I have to stop whatever I am doing, and pet them.  Then I have to further delay my scheduled activities to wipe all of the fur off of my computer screen and my desk.

Pippin (the cat who has claimed me exclusively as his own) has to tuck me into bed every night.  He stands on my chest, nuzzles my ear with his wet little nose, and purrs loudly.  Then, he suddenly jumps down to the floor and heads off into the night.  If I have the poor manners to go to bed and shut him out of my room, he literally beats on my bedroom door until I get up and let him in, so that he can tuck me in.  This little ritual gets short-circuited when Gaylon is home.  He thinks it is absolutely ludicrous to get out of a soft, comfy, warm bed to let a cat in.  Or out.  Which, in all honesty, is not completely fair to Pippin, since Pippin does try to tuck Gaylon in, too, when he’s here.  Gaylon just doesn’t seem to appreciate the gesture as much as I do. 😉

Stella and the Christmas TreeFaith’s kitten, however, has presented us with a challenge we’ve never had to deal with before.  Let me give some background information, first.  Stella Luna is only about 5 months old.  She is very small, and we think she will probably always be quite tiny.  She is faster than any creature that we have ever encountered.  I’m not entirely convinced that she can’t fly!  Well, yesterday, she seemed bent on showing us her climbing skills.  I cannot begin to tell you how shocking it is to look up and see a ten-foot Christmas tree shaking!  We couldn’t even see the cat, because she was deep inside the tree, climbing straight up the middle of it, about halfway to the top! (Please refer to diagram for further clarification!) 😮  That’s a first for our family.  We’ve never had a cat climb any of our Christmas trees.

So, we set the water bottle on “stun”, and sprayed her.  Our packages are all water-stained, and I’m just praying we don’t end up causing damage to the lights, or worse. . .

And, she seems to be  very slow learner.  She climbed up that tree three times in one day!! Thankfully, only one ornament has been broken thus far.  We definitely cannot leave her out if we’re not here.  No telling what we might find when we got home, but I’m thinking it would be something horrific, and of Biblical proportions!

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