I have been looking at 8 inches of snow on my back deck for 12 days now.  It is *COLD* out there! I have been reading that this winter and last are the coldest on record.  People all over the globe are seeing record snows and low temperatures.  Yet, this morning I read this on AOL’s “Wallet Pop“:

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that a typical U.S. household will spend less money on heating bills between October of this year and March of 2010 due to milder weather and lower cost of natural gas.

It is absolutely mind-boggling to me that the “experts” still can’t see what’s in front of their frozen little noses:  climate is cyclical, and “Global Warming” is on the way out!

But, I guess the real truth is that there is a tremendous amount of money and power in the propagation of the “Global Warming” myth.  If they can keep it going, then they can monitor our every move and control our industry, in the all hallowed name of saving the environment.

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