We are in the middle of another major winter storm, and have already gotten what looks like about three inches of snow.  They say there is a lot more coming, too.  But, before it started snowing, Faith went across the road to feed our neighbors’ dogs and discovered the most delightful, delicate little flowers. So, she picked one and brought it home. I suggested she put it in water, to see if it would open up, so she did, and it opened almost immediately.

It is such a delicate little thing, and really lovely.  I took some pictures, and wanted to share.  I’d never seen anything like it before.  Lishi told me it was a “Snowdrop”, which I think is the perfect name, since it’s snowing today!  How wonderful of God to create little flowers, just for the snow. I’m impressed!  (I am posting a couple of pics of the snow, too.)

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