It’s been roughly a year and a half since Gaylon went to work in Texas.  Despite all the predictions that the economy would improve, it hasn’t.  So, our house hasn’t sold, even though we’ve reduced the price dramatically.  And this isn’t getting any more fun, as each month goes by.

So, when some friends of ours moved from Delaware to Texas a couple of months ago, I asked if their house had already sold.  (I was hopeful).  He told us that they had just chosen to move anyway, because their experience was that an empty house sold better.  According to their Facebooks, they are now both very happily living together in Texas.

Wait!  That is supposed to be *our* story!!

Gaylon and I talked about it and prayed about it, and have decided to take a really big ‘leap of faith’, and Faith and I are gonna move on down to Texas, too! In July, I will drive down to Austin and find a home for us to rent. (Assuming that our home in NC will still be on the market at that point!)  I will stay with my dear friend, Donna, and she promises to show me around.  As a bonus, she works with the Austin PD, so she can also make sure that I don’t rent a house next door to a sex offender or in a high crime neighborhood!  Then, in August, after Kendall’s wedding, we will load up the moving van and head south!

That’s the easy part.  The rest gets a bit more complicated.  Kendall and his fiance will not be coming with us. They are getting married in August.  He is going to graduate from UNC-A in December, so they are definitely not going anywhere until that’s accomplished.  Then he plans to attend law school, so where they go next will depend on which school he attends.

Alex was originally all about moving with us, but now Dunkin Donuts is dangling a management possibility in front of his nose, so he’s thinking he may want to stick around for that.  I am taking him with me when I go house-hunting in July, just so he can get a feel for what Austin is like.  I think he will love it, and want to go ahead and move, but we will support him, no matter what decision he makes.  Either way, he is planning on moving out into his own place as soon as he turns eighteen.  He is definitely ready to spread his wings somewhere!

Mom is not sure what she is going to do.  She, who loves Texas so much, and who has done nothing but pine for it since we got to North Carolina, is now saying she’s not sure she’s coming with us.  Or, she might move to some other part of Texas.  She’s just not sure.  *sigh*  She is, of course, always welcome to live with us, and we hope that she will choose to do that.  But, I have always known that my mother is part gypsy, and so she may take a circuitous route to Austin! 😉

I will have to get a job in Austin, so I will not be able to be a 100% stay-at-home-mom anymore.  I am hoping that I will only need to work part-time, but we’ll see.  Gaylon is going to start job-hunting down there as soon as we get settled in, and will hopefully be able to find work down there soon.  Until then, we will see him every weekend, instead of every three or four weeks!

Faith is only a year away from High School, and we are hoping and praying that by then we will be able to afford to put her in St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School, in Round Rock.  It’s brand new, and really excellent.

As much as I love North Carolina, and am going to miss it terribly, I am actually starting to really look forward to living in Austin.  Gaylon and I have both always loved Austin, and south Texas.  And most of all, we both love an adventure!

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