I knew this day would come. Everyone told me that my babies would grow up before I knew it, and that I should cherish every moment of their childhoods. I believed them. I did my best to cherish every moment. Okay, there were a few moments when locking them in closets seemed like a better choice than cherishing them. But all-in-all, I really, truly did cherish every moment. (And managed not to lock anybody in a closet except maybe myself, from time to time! 😉 )

What nobody bothered to explain to me was that, no matter how hard I tried to slow down and take my time as a mother, my children would charge headlong into adulthood as fast as they could.  And even if I appreciated each millisecond of their youth, it would still be gone in a flash.

And today, it happened. Kendall asked us to come see his new apartment!  Now, this is not a surprise.  He has been apartment hunting for weeks.  He, “The Girl” (AKA Lishi), and their roommate, Kristin, have all been searching all over Asheville for a suitable abode. Kendall would call me every day, with the blow-by-blow updates on this apartment, that house.  Finally, they found one they all agreed upon, and the deal was sealed.  They moved all of “The Girl’s” stuff from her old apartment to this new one yesterday and this morning.  Kendall is now, as I type, driving her up to Virginia to stay with her parents until the wedding.  He and Kristin will hold down the fort until her return.

So this morning, Mom, Faith and I all went to see the new domicile.  It’s in a great location, conveniently located only moments from Alex’s job at Dunkin Donuts.  Um, and it’s conveniently located between UNCA and Kendall’s job at FedEx.  I guess that’s more important!  But Kendall and Alex are already talking about Alex being able to crash there sometimes instead of having to drive all the way home.  (How cool is that?)

I am so proud of my son.  He has grown up to be an amazing young man, and “The Girl” is very blessed to have him. (And actually, he is very blessed to have her!  They complement one another beautifully.)  His first apartment is light years better than mine was, too.  I think they are all going to have a wonderful time living out on their own.

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