Kendall and Lishi’s wedding was absolutely beautiful!  And yes, I cried.  😉 The homily (homily=sermon, for all of my non-Catholic friends) was absolutely amazing.  I have never heard marriage discussed in such beautiful and inspiring terms.  Fr. Winslow was at his best with that one, and that really is saying a LOT!!  The music was also fantastic. Seriously, I was blown away.

I don’t have any pictures yet, but as soon as I do, I will post a few.  Lishi’s cousin and one of her brothers both took TONS of pictures, so I’m sure they will share with me.  And speaking of Lishi’s family, we really, really, really liked them!  They were all so friendly and fun!  I honestly couldn’t have asked for better “in-laws” for my son.

The reception was lovely, too, with lots of wonderful food provided by friends and family, as well as dancing and some great speeches by the groomsmen.  Alex was “Best Man”, and he really did a wonderful job.

Kendall and I danced to the song “I Hope You Dance”, which we the suggestion of my nieces, Kristi and Daria. (Thanks, guys!!) Of course I cried during that, too, LOL!

My sister, Deana, came, with all of her kids and grandkids, and that was really awesome, too.  It has been years since we have all been together, and it was just indescribably wonderful to see them all again.  Gaylon’s brother, Chuck, and his wife, Anna, also came, and are staying to help us with packing.  We are so very grateful to them!!

Kendall and Lishi are taking their initial Honeymoon this week on Lake Hartwell, but will be taking their “main” Honeymoon next Spring when Kendall’s Godmother, Emily, is sending them to Ireland.  What a great start!!!

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