I grew up in the desert.  I encountered many things in my childhood that my own children, growing up in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina have never had to deal with.  However, now that we are once again living in a semi-arid region, (AKA: Central Texas) it’s become apparent that we must reacquaint ourselves with some rather unsavory characters, and teach our children how to live safely and victoriously with such difficult environmental residents.

First, there are stickers here.  Not pieces of paper with sticky backs with which you can advertise your political or social views.  These stickers actually grow in the grass here!  Some folks call them grass burs, but the fact of the matter is, they stick.  They stick to you and in you.  And most importantly, they hurt!  Yeah. . . I didn’t miss those.  Fortunately we’ve not found any in our yard, but one must be ever vigilant.  We did find them in the yard of a friend, in abundance.

Next, there are of course, demon-bugs-from-hell. Er, I mean, scorpions.  Abby’s cat, Stella, found one the other night.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her pursuing something in the kitchen, so I turned around to see what unfortunate bug she might have zeroed in on.  Much to my alarm, I recognized the once-familiar silhouette of a scorpion!  Thankfully, it didn’t sting her, and Gaylon was able to stomp on it before it reached safe harbor underneath the refrigerator.  I really do hate scorpions!  I was stung right on the chest by one when I was a little girl.

What’s next, tarantulas?  Water moccasins?  Children of the Earth?? I shudder to think!!

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