When we left North Carolina, we elected to leave our grill behind, and donated it to Kendall.  He has since put it to very good use, and has let us know, on many occasions how much he, his new wife, and their friends are enjoying it.

Meanwhile, we have been having to cook all of our food. . . it pains me to say it. . .INSIDE the house!  In a fit of desperation, we actually broiled steak one night!  The experience paled in comparison to the multi-faceted joy of consuming grilled steak.  As a result, Gaylon was starting to look a bit peaked around the edges.  He hasn’t been his usual ‘grill sergeant’ self.  One evening, he even confided to me that he would just feel so much more at home here if only. . . . he had a grill!

Well, as any proper wife would, I told my mother. 😉  She, being the loving mother-in-law, budgeted in a new grill as soon as possible, and last night, I took Gaylon to purchase the coveted item.  The poor guy actually stayed up until 11:00 p.m., assembling it in the dark on the back patio!  I have to admit that our backyard does, somehow, seem friendlier now.

So, tonight, we will take the new grill on her maiden voyage, and Gaylon is going to barbeque chicken and some Polish sausage.  I will be making potato salad (much to Alex’s delight) and we will be grilling out for the first time in two months.  Life will be almost perfect.  All we need now is Kendall and Alicia and their friends!

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