About seven years ago, I decided to build a website. I had AOL at the time, and they would give you free webspace, so I thought it sounded like a cool thing to try. I took some online tutorials and learned how to do a little bit of HTML coding, and eventually created a cute little family website. It has moved several times over the past few years, but has finally landed at Brooks Bunch. (Please note: this site is in serious need of updating!)

Then, not long after that, a friend asked me to help him update his website for his music ministry. We started checking out different web design software, and soon realized that Adobe Dreamweaver was, without a doubt, the stuff of web design dreams. So we downloaded a free trial and quickly came to the understanding that we were dealing with a foreign language. Anyone who’s ever used any Adobe product knows that they speak their own language.  So, naturally, we gave up and got Microsoft FrontPage. (if you’ve ever priced the two products this decision will make perfect sense to you).

Installing Dreamweaver on my MacBook!

FrontPage was ok. But I still wanted Dreamweaver. So, many years later, I am finally getting interested in web design again, and having had some training now in Adobe-speak, I decided to try again.  I was able to order a copy at an education discount, so that put it in my price range. I am, finally, the proud owner of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. Oh, yeah!!

I am anxious to carve out some quiet time to play with my new toy. I have been playing around with a Genealogy site for years, and am really hoping that this will make finishing that site much easier.  And, hopefully, this blog will reflect my efforts at some point, as well. *sigh*

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