I have been having an internal debate with myself over whether or not I really wanted to make any comments about the election yesterday.  Ultimately, I just cannot help myself, and must make a few remarks.

First, I really like Boehner.  If this guy is for real, and I suspect he is, then we have a truly humble servant leading us.  I will be lifting him and his family up in prayer, because I know that (if it hasn’t already started) they will demonize him.  If being a conservative American replacing Nancy Pelosi wasn’t enough to rankle the liberals, he is also (gasp!) Catholic.

Second, I LOVE that Obama’s Senate seat in Illinois was filled by a Republican.  The message seriously just doesn’t get much more clear than that, does it?

Third, I find it interesting that California voted against the legalization of marijuana.  Were they afraid that if they were all in some sort of drug-induced euphoria they might make wise choices regarding their state’s leadership?  Because seriously, they couldn’t do much worse than Jerry Brown.  But then, I’ve never understood the West Coast, and personally, I think that speaks well of me!

But. . . here is my concern:  the Republican Party has not chosen a decent candidate for the presidency of the United States since, well, since Reagan.  I may have to picket outside of NRC Headquarters personally if they come up with someone as ridiculous as McCain again.  And seriously, if the man didn’t win the first time, did they think 3rd time was the charm?  I think they wanted Obama to win, and that’s why they chose McCain.

Anyway. . . . they’ve been given a 2nd chance, and they better use it well.  We’ll see.  I’m praying.  Hard.  Because I just don’t trust them. And before I close out with my political thoughts for the moment, I want to make this abundantly clear:  I DO NOT SUPPORT PALIN.  Period.  At all.  She may be a great person, and she is intelligent, but she will be the death of the Republican party if they try to run her for president.  She’s a loose cannon, and we need someone to lead our nation who we can trust.

We’ve made a good start.  I pray we finish well in 2012.

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