On Wednesday, Abby and I went with our homeschool group to tour the Capital Building and Visitor Center downtown. It was a lot of fun for both of us, and we learned some things that we hadn’t known before, such as the fact that the Battle of San Jacinta only lasted 18 minutes, and that Jim Bowie was more than likely already dead before the Battle of the Alamo even started.

Both of us are very proud of our Texas heritage. Our ancestor, Simon Peter Ford, fought at the Battle of San Jacinta! For those of you who are not “up” on your Texas History, that was the deciding battle of the Texas Revolution against Mexico. The significance of that battle was that General Sam Houston captured General Santa Anna . . . alive! It is quite a coup to capture the leader of a sovereign nation alive. (Can you name another Texan who accomplished this feat just a few years ago?) So, Santa Anna had no choice but to sign the agreement that Texas would be recognized as an independent Republic.

As we were leaving the Capital to go home, there was a woman standing on the South Steps, wearing an American Flag and holding up a handmade sign that said “Long Live the Tea Party!”. In and of itself, that’s not so unusual.

Tea Party Lady

However, the media has painted the Tea Party movement as a bunch of racist extremists. I think perhaps it would be difficult to pin that label to this woman! She was talking to people about how the Government needs to stay out of our business, and we need to do business on American soil, not overseas. She was also talking about how important the sanctity of life is! I was impressed, so asked her if I could take her picture. What do ya’ll think?

Yep.  I love Austin! You never know what new adventure awaits!!

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