It has been raining like crazy here since last night.  I have no complaint, though.  Up north in Dallas it’s actually snowing.  I am very grateful that we only have rain!  Not so with our cats, though.

Last night, while the rain was coming down in sheets, Waldo decided he wanted out.  I knew, of course, that if I let him out, he would immediately discover that what he really wanted was in.  Nevertheless, he sat at the backdoor, looking longingly up at the handle, as if by some great act of his will, he could make it open without my assistance.  Knowing that wasn’t really going to work for him, I got up and opened the door.  He promptly looked confused and offended.  Things in the world out there were clearly not what he had anticipated. (I know just how he feels about that one!)

Being brave and tenacious, he delicately stepped out onto the back porch.  I offered to let him back in, but with a defiant backward glance, he took another step.  I shut the door, and returned to my conversation with Alex.  After about ten minutes, we decided we’d better check on him, and sure enough, he was huddled up next to the door.  I opened the door and he reluctantly reentered the house.

But this cat is no fool.  He had it all figured out by this point, and had no doubt in his little kitty cat mind that if it was raining that hard in the backyard, then obviously it would be perfectly clear in the front.  He ran straight for the front door and waited for me to catch up!  I opened the door, he observed the torrential downpour, and turned a smoldering stare on me.  Clearly, this was all my fault!

He ended up staying the night inside, much to his great dismay.  I think I am often much like Waldo, desperately searching for some new way ‘out’, when what I really need to do is settle in for the night and wait on God.  The sun always comes. 🙂

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