We are finally starting to feel like we really live here in Austin, and are not just on some sort of weird extended vacation. And, we love it here! We love our home, our neighborhood, our church, our new friends. And of course I love that Gaylon and I are living in the same place at the same time again!  That is especially good.  🙂

I have recently joined the Vocations Committee at our parish, and tonight Gaylon and I will be attending a dinner for Seminarians and then hosting one lucky seminarian at our home for the evening.  Alex is even giving up his bed for the cause.  We used to host a seminarian regularly at our home in North Carolina (Hi, Noah!) but now that we live in Texas and he is studying in Rome, we just don’t see much of him.  So, I think we are all really looking forward to meeting tomorrow evening’s guest and getting to know him a bit.  (Noah did advise us not to “freak him out”. . . . I cannot imagine what he could have possibly meant by that! 😉 )

Gaylon has made friends with a great group of Catholic Homeschool Dads who go out once a month for dinner and drinks, and he is really enjoying them.  They talk about everything from religion to politics to family to football.  They refer to themselves as “The Sons of St. Anthony”, but unofficially they like to call themselves “The Oppressed Husbands Club”.  Yeah.  I feel pretty bad for them if they are all as mistreated as Gaylon!!

Gaylon has been getting lots of calls to do various jobs for people ranging from extensive historic home restoration to fixing a toilet.  We are happy and grateful to be busy and are truly feeling God’s provisions in our lives.  We have even been blessed with being given a Frigidaire Chest Freezer in perfect condition, for free! Lately it seems that everywhere we look we are seeing God’s blessings in our lives, and it really is wonderful.  It has been such a long, long time since we have been able to say that, and it just feels really, really good!

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