I have a lot of soapbox issues, as most of you probably know.  However, generally, for many private reasons of my own, I don’t discuss homosexuality or the “Gay Agenda”.  I am making an exception to that rule here.

There are many, many businesses who donate millions of dollars to pro-gay organizations.  And, with the exception of the very conservative ‘religious right’, most people don’t get too freaked out by that anymore.  So why in the world are all the gay groups all up in arms over Chick-fil-A feeding lunch to a group that’s pro-heterosexual marriage?  Seriously?

If they want organizations to be able to fund them freely, then they need to suck it up and allow other groups the same rights and privileges!  For a group that has fought so hard for “rights” and “equality”, you’d think they’d be the first to acknowledge that others have the same rights!!!  But maybe that’s not what they’re all about, after all???

I am disgusted!

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