I envy the relationship that my daughter has with my husband.  I never felt close, or even very loved by my own father, and I was always afraid to even joke around with him because of his volatile temper.  Not so with Abby and Gaylon!  The two of them share a special relationship that, best I can tell, is nothing less than a treasure from God.

They joke and laugh and tease each other.  They go on dates together.  They even have fun together at the grocery store, engaging in shopping cart races in the parking lot!!  They help each other play Mario on the Wii.  They are best friends.

So, I was not surprised to read that a study done by researchers at Brigham Young ‘discovered’ that when girls, aged 11 to 16, played age-appropriate video games with a parent it reaped unexpected benefits, such as the girls being better behaved, feeling more a part of their families, and having stronger mental health.

Apparently the benefits aren’t as clearly defined for boys, possibly due to the fact that they usually spend so much more time playing video games than girls.  They also said that the bonding is probably due primarily to the fact that parents are spending time with their kids, and not necessarily just video game time, although it certainly worked.

I could have told them all of those things!  We have always been right in the thick of things with our kids, and even though we’ve traversed some rough patches along the way, we have always remained close as a family.  Especially Gaylon and Abby.

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