One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that it gives me the opportunity to spend a lot of time doing ‘Girl Stuff’ with my daughter.  We share many of the same interests, like crocheting and sewing. Abby is becoming quite the Couture Seamstress!

This reason I say this works well with homeschooling because sometimes we just take the whole day and visit fabric shops.  We often look for something specific, but we have just as much fun browsing and discovering new treasures we didn’t know we were looking for!  We used to have to drive all the way to Charlotte to get to a really nice fabric store, but there are so many to choose from around here that we have to be careful not to spend all of our time going from store to store.

Even when we can’t ‘ditch school’ and take the whole day wandering Austin in search of projects and supplies, we are always looking for cool websites with lots of neat ideas and tutorials.  Here is one worth sharing: 365 Days of Sewing.  First of all, it is visually appealing.  I have found many wonderful tutorials for various techniques, but they don’t always look very professional, no matter how helpful they may be.  This site is very well done.  She has free daily sewing lessons, Q & A stuff, a “Fun” section, etc.  It is one of the most useful sites I’ve found in quite some time, and I know we will find ourselves using it frequently.

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