When my daughter turned one, we threw a small, family party for her, and fed her chocolate cake.  She promptly smeared it all over her face and high chair!  We laughed, and took pictures. (What else?)  Then, for the next year, she would sing a little sing-song chant, and we had no idea what she was talking about.  It sounded like “HAP-uh-day”.

Well, DUH!  On her second birthday, when we brought out the cake and presents she immediately started singing “Hap-uh-day”, and we suddenly realized that she had been trying to sing “Happy Birthday” all that time!  Her enthusiasm for birthdays has not diminished in the last twelve years, either.  Today, she is FOURTEEN.  Wow.  I can’t believe it.  And, she is my baby, so that means that the child-rearing chapter in our lives is truly rushing toward it’s close, which saddens me greatly.  However, today, we celebrate!

And it’s working out so nicely, because there is a concert/dance at our church tonight, and we are going to set up a table just for Abby and her friends, and I will furnish it with the Birthday Girl’s favorite homemade Italian Cream Cake. 🙂  So, she gets to hang out with all of her friends and dance to a live band, and all I have to do is bake a cake.  What a deal!! 😉

My great-aunt called me last night, and when I told her our plans, she said “Did you say ‘Dance at church‘?”  I said, “Yes”.  She told me my great-grandfather, James Russell Hamilton, would have been scandalized!  I said “Weren’t y’all Baptist?”, and she said “Oh, yes.  The non-dancing kind.  The no-card-playing kind!”  She went on to explain to me that the first deck of cards allowed in their home was when her older sister, Alma’s, husband, John Kane, brought a deck inside the house!

I told her that being able to dance at church was one of the perks of being Catholic!  She was quick to assure me that my great-grandfather was very strict, but they didn’t mind, because he was so kind, and didn’t push his beliefs on others.  I said I thought he sounded very cool, because my dad really didn’t have any beliefs to push on anyone.  She agreed that her dad was, indeed, very “cool”.  😀 I sure wish I had met him.

Anyway, our “little” birthday girl is going to have a lot of wonderful suprises today, and it should be a great evening.  L’Angelus, a Cajun Band, is performing tonight at our church, and she will have lots of fun.  We all will!

Happy Birthday, Abby!!


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