Somehow, my “Baby” will be starting High School this Fall.  I had been warned that this would happen, that they would all eventually grow up, and I have tried to savor every possible moment so that it couldn’t possibly slip away, and yet, time has stolen away all of those precious childhood days and left me with. . . a teenager!  Actually, Abby is growing into a delightful young lady who I am honored to call my friend. She is more fun than ever, and we still enjoy sewing and crocheting together – when she’s not busy texting her friends with alarming dexterity!

And, this is her last summer before High School!  Wow.  And yes, of course, we are still homeschooling!  I am doing things a bit differently with Abby than I did with the boys, hopefully having learned from my mistakes.  With Kendall, I simply “Forrest Gumped” my way through!  The poor kid did manage to get into the college of his choice (Belmont Abbey) and then finally to graduate from the University of North Carolina-Asheville.  He did the name of our little homeschool justice!  (We named our school “Milagro School” in reference to our Southwestern heritage, as well as to the fact that I figured it was a miracle that I was homeschooling at all!  18 years later, I still feel the same way. 😉 )

We used more of an “Unschooling” approach with Alex.  He has always been a challenge!  Nevertheless, he has always managed to test ‘off-the-charts’.  He is planning to attend college in the Fall, but is not sure whether he wants to look at Austin Community College, or Texas A&M.

With both boys, I had to create a High School Transcript, and that was a very stressful thing for me.  It turned out well, in the end, and I cannot begin to tell you how highly I recommend  the “Transcript Pro” software from Inge Cannon.  This time, though, I didn’t want to put myself through all the stress of second-guessing my every move and trying to figure out what courses to take and when.  I don’t know if I’m getting tired, lazy, or maybe just finally humble enough to ask for help, LOL!  I suspect it’s a bit of all three.

So, back to Abby, and her entrance into the world of High School.  After much prayer and research and more prayer, we decided to enroll her in an accredited Private Catholic School.  However, it’s not a ‘brick-and-mortar’ sort of school!  Some folks refer to it as an ‘umbrella school’, or ‘distance education’.  Basically, everything remains the same, except we pay the tuition, they assign a consultant to us, and we work up a plan, and then stick to it!

So, we have chosen a very well-respected school, Mother of Divine Grace, or MODG, for short.  I spent two-and-a-half hours on the phone with our new Consultant, Toni M., the other day, and we have a plan for the next four years!  I already feel better. 🙂  We will be sending some of her work in, and I will still be administering and grading the rest.  In turn, they provide a transcript and a diploma.

Abby is very happy with this decision, as well.  She wants to be a Forensic Scientist, and is on board with wanting to have a solid High School transcript to present to colleges.  And, she doesn’t know it yet, but we can even order some of those fancy-looking polo shirts or cardigans from Land’s End with the MODG logo on them!

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