Photos are starting to just pop up everywhere, so I thought I’d share a couple I found on KXAN, a local news station. (see below)

A few folks have asked me if we are prepared to evacuate, and yes, we are.  We have had bags packed since Sunday evening, and have a plan for who will grab which dog/cat, and who is driving which car.  My sweet cousin, Pattye, said if we do have to evacuate, to come to her home in Midland and stay as long as we need.  I pray it does not come to that, and do think that we are probably okay at this point.

We really, really appreciate everyone who has called to check on us, and I promise I will get around to calling you all back.  My voice is a bit shaky at this point, as Abby and I are both having pretty severe asthmatic reactions to all of the crap in the air right now. So, I will do my best!

Our church, St. William in Round Rock, is taking donation for anyone who can help out. They really need toiletries.  Apparently there has been an abundance of winter clothing and formal wear already donated. No, I’m not kidding, unfortunately.  So, if you want to help, please think before you donate.  This is not an excuse for emptying out your closet of all the things you always wanted to get rid of but felt guilty about parting with!

I know from experience that toothpaste and diapers are especially appreciated at times like this.  And, even though I gained 30 pounds from eating at fast-food joints after our fire, gift certificates to McDonald’s, etc., would probably be appreciated, too.

Smoke From Bastrop Fire (Photo from KXAN)

Smoke From Bastrop Fire (Photo from KXAN)

There is no rain in sight, either.  There is a Tropical Storm in the Gulf of Mexico, but it just looks like it will probably hit northern Mexico, and not come up here where we so desperately need it.  The irony is that one year ago today, Hurricane Hermine was causing all sorts of flooding here. *sigh*

Lord, please send abundant rain!!!

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