Steve Jobs

If you know me even marginally, you know I am an Apple fanatic.  I have been crazy about Apple computers since they first came out, and am a big admirer of their co-founder, Steve Jobs.  I understand that it is difficult to be more liberal or anti-Christian than Steve Jobs, but his work and life accomplishments were amazing.  And, I think he was arguably one of the most brilliant men that ever lived.

Nobody else has (in my opinion, anyway) demonstrated the incomprehensible vision, ingenuity and creative brilliance of Steve Jobs. He redefined the word “Visionary”. I fear that nobody will be able to replace him, and we will be subjected to the slavish drudgery that is Windows.

Steve Jobs created not only Apple Computers, and NeXT computers, but was the mastermind behind Pixar, as well.  And the iPod? It is almost impossible to imagine this world without them now!  As far as T.V. goes, I want my Apple T.V.  It rocks!  And, I could go on.  (But I won’t!) Seriously, this world is a happier place because of his contributions. In my mind, he was the ultimate Toymaker, and I am grieving.

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