“Imagine there’s no (abortion), it’s easy if you try. . . “ Okay, that probably makes John Lennon roll over in his grave, and curdles Yoko Ono’s soy milk, since they were trying to ‘imagine’ no god or heaven, but I like my version better, don’t you?   Deacon Greg Kandra has a brilliant post over at The Deacon’s Bench, where he dares to imagine a world without Steve Jobs, which could have very well been in the realm of possibilities, had abortion been legal at the time of Steve’s birth.  I have copied some of his blog post, but you can read all of it here.  (And I recommend that you do read it!)

“Her name is Joanne Schiebel.  In 1954, she was a young unmarried college student who discovered that she was pregnant.  In the 1950s, her options were limited.  She could have had an abortion – but the procedure was both dangerous and illegal.  She could have gotten married, but she wasn’t ready and didn’t want to interrupt her education. Joanne opted, instead, to give birth to the baby and put it up for adoption.

And so it was that in 1955, a California couple named Paul and Clara Jobs adopted a baby boy, born out of wedlock, that they named Steven.

We know him today…as Steve Jobs.

It would not be overstating things to say that Steve Jobs is my generation’s Thomas Edison. As one observer put it, he knew what the world wanted before the world knew that it wanted it.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad or an iPod, or anything remotely resembling them, you can thank Steve Jobs.

If your world has been transformed by the ability to hear a symphony, send a letter, pay a bill, deposit a check, read a book and then buy theater tickets on something roughly the size of a credit card…you can thank Steve Jobs.

And: you can thank Joanne Schiebel.

If you want to know how much one life can matter, there is just one example.

But: imagine if that life had never happened.”

(Note:  Alex very much wants me to let you know that “Thomas Edison was more of a detriment to science because he obstructed the brilliant studies of Nikola Tesla.”  He wouldn’t rest easy until I made sure you all knew this! Other than that, he completely agrees with everything Deacon Kandra had to say. ;))

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