I started blogging back in 2005, when we still had to chisel our posts out of granite and send them out via owl.  However, now things are so much easier, and if you are interested in receiving updates in your email every time I post something new, you can actually ‘subscribe’ to my blog! (Note the little “Subscribe” widget on the right side of your screen!)

I really think this is cool.  Everyone over at Blogspot has had this secret club thing going on forever now, because they are with Google, who we all know actually rules the entire planet, and therefore has all of the coolest toys.  Like the “Follow” button.  While it was a tempting thing to move over there just so I could feel popular and have lots of little Follower Icon Badges in the sidebar of my blog, it was just too much trouble, and I gave up.  But now, finally, I can have subscribers of my very own, right here on my primitive little self-hosted weblog!

So. . . what are you waiting for???  Drink the Kool Aide!  Er, I mean, Subscribe!! 😉

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