If someone is naive enough to think that forcing anyone to provide any sort of service that violates their religious beliefs is a good idea, then clearly they do not have any sort of clue what our Constitution stands for, or what it actually means to be FREE. And if they think that killing an unborn baby is “women’s healthcare”, then they are probably just too stupid or gullible to understand what “women’s healthcare” really means.

And don’t get me started on personal responsibility for one’s actions!!! I deeply resent that anyone’s tax dollars are used to pay for someone else’s sexual irresponsibility, whether it results in STDs or pregnancy.  I wonder how they would feel about being forced to pay for me to receive Holy Communion? Or to finance each church with new stained glass windows?

It is ironic to me that all the folks who are screaming “Separation of Church and State!” are the same ones who want to impose the State on the Church!!  How does that make sense??  And are they really so short-sighted and ignorant that they believe that it will stop here?  Historically, as soon as one freedom is denied, the others are quick to be eradicated, as well.  Check the facts! History is littered with ominous warnings of what happens when governments becomes too big and powerful.  Woe to us if we do not heed the writing on the wall!!

I hope all the Catholics who ignorantly believed the Democrat’s cry of “Social Justice” will be released from their spiritual blindness, and see the truth of what “Social Justice” really is! I pray that they will quit drinking the Koolaide that’s being passed around by liberal politicians who are preying upon the hearts of good Catholic voters who thought they were following the teaching of the Church by voting for creeps who support all kinds of evil agendas, none of which are social, just, or Catholic!! Now, I will reluctantly step down from my soapbox, so that you may watch the following video from CatholicVote.org.  I love their stuff!

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