Today, yet another tragedy has struck our nation, and it is both sickening, and inconceivable.  There are so many things that I just do not understand, and why somebody would walk into a school and mow down anyone, much less a group of innocent, sweet children is beyond my comprehension. My heart and prayers go out to everyone who has suffered from this senselessness in Newtown, Connecticut.

So how can I blog about Christmas after something like that happens?  How can I still believe in God, or trust that He cares, or that Jesus really did come to save the world?  If stuff like this still happens, then doesn’t that prove that all that Christmas stuff is garbage?

No.  It proves to me that we need Jesus even more than ever. We live in a fallen world, and bad things happen every day.  The fact that God doesn’t step in and stop it doesn’t mean He doesn’t love us.  There are no easy answers, and theologians far greater and more learned than I have debated this question for centuries, so I am not going to even pretend that I can answer it in some blog post.

I do know a few things for sure, though.  I know that God does love us, and that He does care. I am still old-fashioned, or simple, or whatever, enough to honestly believe that if everyone would just follow God’s commandments,  the ones very clearly laid out in the Bible, (both Old and New Testaments) that this sort of thing would never happen.

I mean, the obvious thing is “Thou shalt not kill.”  In this particular case, “Honor thy father and thy mother comes to mind”, as well.  And of course, the all-inclusive “Love thy neighbor as thyself” would have probably prevented a multitude of horrors throughout history.  But nobody wants to obey. We’d all rather do whatever suits our passions for the moment, and to heck with the future or the consequences!

So am I just rambling? No, I think I can make a point here.  I think that this horrible massacre in Connecticut proves, quite powerfully, that mankind desperately needs a Savior, and that until we, as a nation, repent from our sins and turn back to God, people are going to continue to operate under the delusion that if you get pissed off about something, it’s okay to go out and kill a bunch of people and make them pay for whatever it was that upset you.

Just consider: what if the gunman had believed what the Bible teaches, and was trying to live his life by those simple principles? Yes, we need a Savior, now more than ever.  I think instead of fighting about gun control, and all the other political ‘hot topics’ of the month, we should focus more on loving each other like Jesus loved us, and gently living out the Gospel message in order to obey it in our own lives, as well as show others how to live it. We wouldn’t be having this discussion today.

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