I’m sick of politics. I’m sick of feeling like I’m supposed to find some cause and defend it passionately. I don’t feel angst about anything in particular, nor do I care to. It seems like everywhere I turn, somebody is raging on about something, and most of the time, it seems that they don’t really even know what.

In my mind, I imagine that there was a time when it was okay for women to just be moms. Forever. They didn’t have to be moms and political activists and work and be social 24/7. (Think Twitter and Facebook) Now that my children are almost grown, I really don’t want to go running helter-skelter into the political arena or the work place. I really just want to quilt. Or sew. Or cook something really yummy. (And I don’t want to feel pressured to freaking blog about it, either!!!)

So why do I feel so incredibly guilty that I have no desire to run down to the Capitol and protest in favor of (fill-in-the-blank here). Yes, I am “Pro-Life”. Yes, I am against the HHS Mandate. I am very much opposed to all things involving any sort of treaty with the U.N., and I do not want the government meddling in my business. Or yours, for that matter. But am I required to ‘take action NOW!’??

I get dozens of emails each day encouraging me to donate to this cause or that, and pretty much insinuating that the end of the world as I know it is impending if I don’t ‘take action’. Most of my friends are very active in politics, and I admire them very much. Most of them have more children than I, and those children are younger (and therefore needier) than mine. Heck, I only have one kid left, and she’s more self-sufficient than most adults!

Maybe it’s a midlife crisis of some sort. I feel suddenly very selfish. I feel like I may become extremely unpleasant if I don’t get a serious amount of time for ME.  I don’t think I’m shallow or lazy, I just am interested in different things. (Did I mention sewing, quilting or cooking??)

Or maybe it’s because I grew up in politics. U.S. Representatives and Senators stayed in our home when they were in town. They knew me, as a child, by name. Anybody remember Senator Pete Dominici? He was a close friend of my parents, and often visited our home. My mother got a Christmas card every year that was actually signed (not stamped) from President and Mrs. Reagan. When I tell you I grew up in politics, it’s for real.

But politics weren’t so vicious then, or polarized. We didn’t have the internet to help us understand how much we truly hate each other, and give us the opportunity to express our angst and rage in the comment boxes. We had to use manners, and be polite, because we actually had to face one another! (Imagine!!) Yeah, I know that every generation has had it’s problems. I get it. But it just didn’t seem like everyone was so angry back then.

Or perhaps I’m just really tired. Gaylon and I are older than most of our friends, and while most of them work in an office or lab, my husband works with his hands, on his feet, all day long. So do both of my boys. So at the end of the day, they are exhausted, and we just flat don’t feel like going down to the capital and lobbying for anything, no matter how important it is.

Whatever the reason, I don’t want to play anymore. I really, really want to pick up my toys and go home. I want to spend time making beautiful quilts for the people I love, and making our home a warm and welcoming place for our family and friends. Is that so wrong?

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