My original website, Brooks Bunch of NC, is 10 Years Old! Wow! I have finally updated it, and changed it to the Brooks Bunch of Austin, Texas, and made several other minor changes, as well.

In lieu of giving it a complete overhaul, (which I’m sure it could use, but I sort of like keeping it pretty much the same, for nostalgia purposes), I just tweaked it and fixed all the broken links. I also tried to update my info on each page, in particular the one on Homeschooling, hoping that it will more accurately reflect that the boys are grown now! I was surprised to see that I’d not touched it since 2009. So much has changed since then. . .

When I started this blog, I moved my info on Homeschooling and Genealogy over here, but left my Midwifery pages on the old site. So, if you want to read them, that’s where you’ll find them. There is a lot of really good information to glean from them, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, it’s sort of a cyber ‘blast from the past’, as far as design and coding, but I’m sort of partial to it. Probably cuz it’s my first. 😉 If you do go check it out, please let me know if there’s anything hinky about it. When I try to do updates like this, I tend to miss links or my verb tenses don’t agree. . . you know what I mean. Let me know what you think!


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