I know, I know. I said I hate politics, and that I didn’t want to hear it anymore. And now, yet again, I am posting something political. Β I can’t help it. I am so upset about this *%$@#! healthcare law that I cannot sleep at night. Literally. I keep having nightmares, and my stomach hurts all the time.

The only comfort in this whole thing is that many of my hardcore liberal friends have decided they don’t like Obama anymore. It’s a little late, since they’ve already voted for him twice now, but maybe, just maybe, they will vote more carefully next time. They won’t be so quick to believe the lies of someone who has never actually held a real job! They might even investigate who is funding the different candidates and why! I am the first to say that we’ve not been given a real choice in the past few elections. I absoluteley cannot stand McCain or Romney! But I felt like they might do a little less damage than the alternative ticket.

I’m praying hard (and invite any of you who actually read this to join me!) for a good, solid candidate in 2016. For someone like Marco Rubio, or Elbert Guillory. (If you missed it, I posted about him here.) I’m afraid Senator Guillory is too old to run for POTUS, but Senator Rubio is perfect!

But in the meantime, because I am very sick of everyone ‘hating on’ Fox News because they still have the chutzpah to go against the grain and tell the truth, please enjoy this clip from Neil Cavuto of Fox News:

(Thanks to my sweet cousin, Georgene for sending this to me!)

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