Well, while we did not find a “Forever Home”, we did, indeed, find a new home. I sort of feel like it’s a really nice extended stay place. It’s pretty generic on the outside, but the inside is very nice, with 9-foot ceilings and a vaulted living room. And a fireplace. I really love that I have a fireplace again! (And yes, we DO sometimes have weather cold enough to want to light a fire!)

It’s slightly smaller, but much nicer than our last place. And we all agree that the backyard

The chaos of moving

The chaos of moving

is wonderful! It’s really big, and it has. . . are you ready?. . .grass! It also has a sprinkler system, which, if we can just remember to use it at the designated times, should really be cool. There is already one raised bed, and lots of room to make one or two more, so I’ve been really fantasizing about actually planting a vegetable garden. My friend Becky says if I plant the right stuff, she’ll make the salsa. I think that’s a heckuva deal, because her salsa is out of this world!

So, while moving is very stressful, and crazy expensive, I think it’s a good thing, overall, and I’m glad it’s almost over.  We still have to get Abby’s and Alex’s bicycles out of the shed at the other place, but there’s really not much left. Which is so good, because April has truly been an awful month.

Don’t get me wrong: there have been some shining moments! Easter is always a glorious celebration, and even in the most stressful times, it is comforting to celebrate that our Savior is risen! God is still in charge, and He still loves us. That’s always good news. 🙂 All of the kids joined us for Mass, and my heart always feels so full when all of my ‘babies’ join us for Mass.

This year we just didn’t get to celebrate Easter completely the way we like to, by filling up a Polish Easter Basket and taking it to be blessed on Holy Saturday, like we normally do. I didn’t even get around to making the butter molds! We were still in the midst of moving and unpacking, and we just didn’t have the money to go ‘all-out’.  However, our friends, the Kinneys, invited us to join them for Easter Lunch, and time spent with them is always fun and lively! We had a wonderful time. 🙂

Then, that evening, Kendall and Lishi came over to the house and we grilled chicken.  So we got to spend the day with family and friends, and at the end of the day, we were all so stuffed that we swore we wouldn’t eat another bite for at least a week. (And yet, somehow, we managed to make room for more food the very next day!)

Then, last Tuesday I got to attend the first homebirth I’ve attended in roughly thirteen years! It was my first homebirth here in Texas, and, my first birth with a Catholic family. I loved walking in and hearing a musical version of the Divine Mercy playing. So sweet!

And tonight, our sweet priest, Fr. Alex, came over to bless our new home and join us for dinner. I was very happy to discover that all of our children (including Joe, who is our ‘adopted’ son) wanted to be present for this happy event! Our son, Alex, wanted to come and watch the Spurs game tonight, after Father left, so he came early for dinner. It was just an added perk that we won!

But, in addition to the move, there has been a lot of stress this past month. First, we fought with AT&T for over two weeks to try to get our stupid internet hooked up at the new house! Finally, we fired them, and went with DirecTV.  Now if only AT&T would get that memo and quit calling, texting and emailing me trying to reschedule our “missed” appointment! Grrr. . . .

Gaylon and his crew have been working on remodeling a home for awhile now, and all of a sudden, the homeowners have gotten very weird about it, and haven’t paid us for a large amount of work that we’ve already done! So money is very scarce at the moment. And we don’t know how this issue will turn out, so that is weighing very heavily on all of us.  Gaylon has had a lot of trouble sleeping, and is losing weight.  There’s more to it than that, but I don’t want to go into it here. Let me just say that I think there needs to be some version of “Angie’s List” that contractors, builders, doctors, etc. can go to before they work for someone to check them out and see if they are known to be scam artists, or grifters, or whatever.  Everyone always worries about whether or not the professional they’ve hired to do work for them is honest, reputable, reliable, etc., but I wonder how many people realize that there are a lot of folks who hire professionals like Gaylon with the sole intent of getting their house remodeled for free!

Anyway, we very much appreciate any prayers, and are believing that things are going to get a lot less stressful very, very soon!

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