Well, my apprenticeship in Bryan was eventful, but has come to an end. I got to observe 5 lovely births, met lots of delightful folks, and learned a bit about birth centers. Now I just need to observe 5 more births before I can move on to “assisting under supervision”. I will have to do 20 of those! Then I will need to do 25 “Primary Midwife Under Supervision” births, along with mastering various skills. (Anyone wanna volunteer to let me practice venipuncture??) I am hoping to find an apprenticeship in the Austin/Round Rock area this time. It was really difficult being out of town so much.

But, now that I am back home, I am hoping to get back to work on some quilts and other projects that have been on the back burner for far too long. I still have plenty of studying to do, but I am confident I can still get quite a bit of sewing in, too. I’m also hoping that, since I won’t be eating out so often, that I can actually start and complete a Whole30. I feel so much better when I’m not eating junk food!!

Abby has decided to take a Gap Year from school. She is babysitting a LOT, and spends the rest of her time in the sewing room. She is happy, and I’m happy she’s home. Alexander finally got some roommates that he enjoys, and bought himself a new car. He is also happy. Kendall and Gaylon are working their fingers to the bones trying to keep our business moving in the right direction. They are amazing.

There’s not much more news to tell for now, but I thought I’d just sort of post a brief snippet to let everyone know I’m still alive.


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