I really didn’t think I would weigh in at all about the inauguration, etc. But I find I actually do have something to say. I’m embarrassed. Horrified, actually. I’ve been reading posts on Facebook for the past couple of years by people who say they are embarrassed by their local/state/federal government because some vote or other didn’t go the way they wanted. And so, as is apparently mandatory now, they had to go on Facebook and tell the world how upset they were by it. I was raised to behave with dignity, class and grace. If something in politics is upsetting to me, I try to be reasonable about it. If everyone else voted for something I didn’t want, well, I have to accept that. However, losing with grace is, apparently, a lost art.

So, today. Donald Trump is now the President of the United States of America. Today was inauguration day. And folks are rioting in the streets of our nation’s capital. These are the same ones, I have no doubt, who have been expressing their embarrassment of everything on Facebook and Twitter. Well, I am embarrassed by those people. Not by the protestors, because I support their right to peaceably assemble and protest. I am ashamed of the rioters who are making unequivocal asses of themselves, and they are damaging property that does not belong to them. They have no self-control, let along dignity or class. They are animals, and I cringe to think what countries around the world think of us when they see this garbage on their news. They look stupid. Like this woman. I mean, really? Get hold of yourself, for goodness sake!

And destroying property? Some of the “protestors” (read: rioters) proved their own ignorance by attacking a Starbucks! Starbucks stands for everything they believe in, but apparently they didn’t get that memo. I do hope they get the bill! I can’t help but think about how the poor people inside those places must have felt!! I bet they didn’t vote for Trump, yet they were terrorized. . and FOR WHAT? This just makes me so angry!!!

I understand not liking the results of an election. I’m not thrilled with the results of this election, either. I absolutely understand not liking the government, or the president. But I was raised to respect the office, no matter who sits in it. Obama has made that particularly difficult for me. I felt physically ill when he was elected the first time, and even more so the second time. But I managed to maintain some level of civility with friends and family who liked him. I didn’t throw a single temper tantrum, and I never even considered breaking the law by smashing in the windows of the local coffee house.

Get a grip, people! Get over yourselves!! So, you lost. So what? If those of us who opposed Obama had acted like this when he was elected, we would have been labeled as racists and all sorts of other horrid things. But, that is how bullies operate. They intimidate others into agreeing with them, or at the very least, not saying how they really feel, and then, if their aggression and name calling didn’t do the trick, and they don’t get what they want (i.e. Trump won) then they throw public temper tantrums in the street. Yeah. . . that will make people listen to you and respect you. 🙄

I am not crazy about Trump. But I sure do hope he does a good job, and that he turns out to be a terrific leader. Stranger things have happened. I find a lot of what he says and does a bit embarrassing, as well. But nowhere near on the level of the embarrassment I feel by the actions of an entire generation of spoiled brats who are showing their asses on the streets today.

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