How I Chose The Names “Morningtower” and “Chasing Thoughts”

I have had some people ask me why I chose the name “Morningtower”, so thought this would be a good place to explain. 🙂 I grew up in the Oil Fields of southeastern New Mexico. My dad worked on drilling rigs, and would often take me up to the very top of them. That was a lot of fun, and you could see forever! But I digress. Morningtower. In the Oil Field, the drilling rigs have to be manned 24/7. So, they run shifts around the clock. They don’t call them by the names folks usually use when referring to shifts. (Days, 2nd and 3rd Shifts). Instead, they call them Daylights, Eveningtower and Morningtower, respectively. Well, when I first had to come up with a name for an email account, all the easy stuff had been taken. So, I decided to get creative, and choose something that reflected my background, without giving too much away! I am also a night owl, so my natural ‘shift’ is Morningtower! And, last but not least, it sort of reminds me of the fact that I need to seek God out every morning. So, that’s where ‘Morningtower’ came from.

The title “Chasing Thoughts” came from something Kendall said one day. We were driving somewhere, and he made the comment that he was chasing a thought that had gotten away from him. (In other words, he’d forgotten what he was about to say!) I thought that was such a great poetic way of saying that. And I also started thinking about how much of our lives are based on our thoughts. So, I thought that was a great title for a blog.

Why I Decided to Get My Own Domain Name, etc.

Several years ago, I created a website to try to keep in touch with my friends and family. It was a lot of fun, and I ended up writing all of the HTML code myself. (Something I am still very proud of!) But I have rarely updated it, and after the initial rush of ‘visitors’, not too many people have gone to see it. Which makes sense: it has pretty much stayed the same for the past five years!

Then, about a year ago, I decided to start a blog. And that has been a lot of fun. I have discovered that I can pretty much do all the things I originally wanted to do with my website, but a lot easier. I haven’t had the time (or the inclination) to really get into the nitty gritty of figuring out how to make my blog look like my website did, with cute kittens and paw prints all over it, but I have enjoyed how easy it is to ‘redecorate’ my blog with a few clicks here and there. Best of all, a lot more people visit my blog than the website. I get a lot of feedback from the things I post, either by phone, email, or the comments on the blog itself. (I love that! Leave me a comment!!!)

So, I decided it was time to merge the two together. And, since Gaylon has been urging me for several years now to get my own domain name, it seemed like that would be the best way to do it. So I got my own domain name, and am using it for not only my blog, but to host all the homeschooling and genealogy information from my original site. (I am not moving the midwifery pages over here, because I am not practicing midwifery right now. They’re still there, if anyone wants to see them.)

So, that’s the ‘how and why’ of this site. It is intended for the enjoyment and entertainment of my family and friends, far and wide. If anyone else stumbles across it and enjoys it, I am glad of that!

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